Switched out of Smugmug

We switched out of  SmugMug.com and into an all WordPress site (including photos!)…

After a few weeks, we realized that we were not using all of SmugMug.com features that came with the plan.   We got the Portfolio account ($20/month) vs the Power account ($8/month)  so we can use the watermark features.   $144/year for watermarking is a lot of money!

Thanks to NextGen Gallery and a few other plugins.  We are now fully contained within WordPress.   There is a slight  difference in the pictures quality, but generally speaking  it is not a huge difference for me at this time…

Let me know what you think…

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Starting out..

I wanted to get a site going…   After asking my Dad, he selected:

  • SmugMug.com  to store all of my photos.
    • Why?
      • Secure unlimited storage of photos (I can have all of my photos in one place!)
      • Watermarks can be automatically applied.
      • Virtual photo libraries:
        • ability to assign a photo to multiple galleries without creating copies.
      • Easy Customization
  • WordPress to do my blogging
  • I can easily integrate the two sites via a plugin
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